Transition Diet
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Is a way to transition the body from foods that over stimulate, creates waste, chemical imbalances, blockages, and diseases in the body. To foods that removes waste, blockages, toxins, balance body chemistry, and revitalizing the body. This process allows the body to heal itself and go beyond what the perceived normal human health is. You will discover increased vitality, flexibility, clarity of mind, health and much more... Foods that create waste in the body are also stimulants, causing varying levels of immune, hormonal, metabolic response. With the Transitional diet you can guide clients from high stimulating foods to lesser and lesser stimulating foods to eventually foods that no longer stimulate a negative response. This allows the body to naturally transition off of these addictive foods. These foods' insight the same addiction, craving and withdrawal cycles as narcotics do. We offer a system to help create better foods to go to during the transitional help to circumvent cravings and to help ease the elimination process.
Transformative Wellness Consulting
We are here to provided consulting to wellness coaches, wellness centers, restaurants, food delivery companies or anyone looking for cutting edge science on transitional foods systems, processes and how they can and are applied to bring mind, body and spirit into a higher balance. Please click the link below to set up a complimentary consult to discuss what we do for you or if you have any questions feel free to contact me at anytime.
Complimentary Consult
Transitioning from the addiction of all the stimulation from foods that leave great wast causing obstructions throughout our bodies is not unlike quitting smoking or any other drug. Yet with one step at a time from wrong food to foods that will give you new life and undue all that has been done most likely unknowingly you will find yourself reborn anew.
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