I started Transformative Being as a way to share and pay forward all I have learned and lived on my path of self discovery. Finding your own truth can be challenging with society always hiding truths and pulling you back. I have spent my life finding my own truths and I want to be able to help you find yours.
My Story
I had the joy of growing up in the countryside on a farm. I was a barefoot wonder that lived outside nearly all the time, riding my pony through the fields and up into the woods. The outdoors was my playground and my teacher. High school was a challenge, not by grade but of the fear of being seen. I left high school early, joining the US Army’s 82nd Airborne where jumping from planes was the norm. Aside from escaping planes, I saw the beauty and tragedy of what at that time was the newly formed country Kosovo. The Army was fun for a while though it did not fit overly well with me habitually having my own thoughts. I left and explored school learning about electricity, planes, instrumentation, falling in love a few times and having a couple of kids. Yet happiness escaped me. 
Then seemingly out of nowhere I became deathly ill and was diagnosed with HIV, this changed my whole world in a heartbeat and it broke the walls that I had hidden myself within. This awoke a part of me that I had struggled to hide and feared people would see. Disoriented with all my pieces set loose I was in a reality I could no longer escape. To die or to be, seems easy enough right... Yes, I chose to be me. Though for the first year I would ask myself if I could go back, "I'd rather die" was always the answer. 
Once I started to live my true self all the fear I had lived with, melted away. Left was my great lack of health. I got shingles, pneumonia, allergic reactions from all the antibiotics that were supposed to keep me from getting sick, instead, they would almost kill me. It took a severe month-long allergic reaction to an antibiotic to show me that I had to find a better way. 
I began my journey of discovery, I read everything I could about the human body and the ways it tied into spirituality. Taking courses, workshops and reading scientific journals following the white rabbit connecting all the dots as ever deeper I went. I found the intersecting points creating a transformative system that helps to bring your mind, body, and spirit into balance. This enables you to live in what I like to call Ascension Living. 
With over nine years of continual research and applying all I discovered I was able to watch as the diseases, Aspergers, cold/flu, seasonal allergies, back pain, from a high fall, one by one disappear. To be replaced with the energy I remembered having when I was young running barefoot through the fields and a mind so clear that my empathic abilities are soaring into new realms. 
My life now is one of abundance, I wake stretch, practice Falun Dafa, meditate, read & write, and go on adventures with my kids. As a Transformative Wellness Writer and Consultant, I write to bring awareness to all that is out there in hopes you will find your own truths that may aid you in discovering how to live a balanced life full of joy. 
For me, life is a challenge providing us an opportunity to rise up through discovery and self-growth enabling us to better serve each other and this world we call our home.
Facilitate positive transformation in people of this world, bringing in higher vibrations and greater wellness. To be a guiding light, inspiring positive change. To hear your words, providing you space to find your truths. To walk with you through your life challenges. Equipping you with all the tools you need to be a truly Transformative Being!
Why I do what I do
Mission Statement
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