The condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit; the general condition of the body; a condition in which someone or something is thriving or doing well.

What is Health?


Most people think being healthy is not being sick, that it's feeling good in your own skin. But many times people good just before they find out they have cancer and many other diseases. Why do we get diseases it's been said cancer is caused by oxygen not getting to the cells. Cells that don’t get oxygen do there best to survive and will turn to sugar and will mutate out of control just to maintain an existence. But how did it ever get to that point? “Why was the oxygen never able to reach the cells in the first place?” one may ask.

Blockages form in the body preventing the flow of blood, of oxygen, of hormones and vital nutrients. They can create phantom pain, headaches, migraines, till something worse comes along. Runny noses, coughing up green goobers, dandruff, cloudy urine are all ways your body is fighting to say alive and removes waste from your body. It's a warning sign, this is NOT normal!

Yet most people see these things as common and normal for a healthy person when really they are warning signs. They are the early ones the precursors to cold, to flu, to pneumonia, diabetes, crones, cancer and all manner of seemingly random diseases.

This is only one of the ways your health will fail you, is from wrong eating. We take what we eat for granted, honestly most the world doesn’t know any better for we are taught wrongly as soon as it is time to break from our mother's milk. Giving our kids cheerios that was just recently stated in the news to cause cancer, we give them cake to celebrate their birthday setting them up for failing health. We think it is fun till the day we hold there hand in the hospital while they go through dialysis as their liver is failing due to blockages forming in there liver. Do the doctors know why the liver fails? Do the doctors know why any of the diseases visit so many to their death beds?

Doctors can tell you what you have and offer you a quick way to feel somewhat better but sadly even there cures for cancer are a guarantee to destroy your immune system, your body, and your soul. They may burn that blockage out of you but have they stopped what formed it in the first place, so can’t a new one from again yet again?

So how is most everyone eating wrong?