We use Reiki, Life & Spiritual, Health & Wellness Coaching, Falun Dafa, Meditation, Breathing Exercises and Hypnosis to assist you in moving out of old patterns and into a new life you will discover how to create.

If you are looking for a way to change your health and your life in profoundly amazing ways you have come to the right place!

Bringing Mind, Body & Spirit into Higher Being!

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Transformative Being

If you are excited and passionate about transforming your very being in profoundly beautiful ways and connect with your higher powers and guides. Yet you are feeling lost and overwhelmed in sea of spiritual knowledge and are struggling with finding your truth and direction.

We here with open compassionate hearts, the tools, knowledge and experiences to help you transform into the you have always desired. We bring you our tools of Reiki (cleansing and rebalancing energy centers and fields of your body), Coaching (facilitating discovery of self truths and assisting forward action to goals and beyond with loving accountability) and Hypnosis (guide you through your subconscious mind to bring into balance with your conscious mind),

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